Monday 18 July 2011

Oxford. Fenny Compton to Claydon.

The weekend after the Hen Party was 2CVGB’s Registers Day. This is the one day each year that our funky, eccentric, great bunch of super-laid-back mates act like a real car club and line all the various marques up in a field and award prizes.
Of course there’s also a weekend camp surrounding the day itself, with all the compulsory drinking, laughing and general mucking about. Dave got involved with not one, but two clutch changes. In a place where an open bonnet draws a crowd, two guys stripping the front end of a car and then dumping the engine on the tarmac was quite an attraction.

Half way through the week our 14 days were up at Fenny Co mpton so we moved further along the summit, through the tunnel (which isn’t a tunnel anymore, just a very narrow cutting)

to a really quiet spot just before Claydon locks. The towpath is back on the left now so we can get to work on the side doors and put the new vent in the engine room. Inside, the cupboard in the saloon, which we’re calling a sideboard, has now got a shelf and doors and we’ve replaced the spindles in the galley with a solid wall. As we expected, this has made the galley rather dark, and although we have lots of LEDs in there we think it’s crying out for a porthole. Something else on the list.

Outside, there’s cream gloss on the bow where the name’s going, the gas locker hinges and the cratch frame have been painted red and the outside of the well-deck has been stripped and primed (luckily it hadn’t been glossed when Dave smacked a bridge ‘ole).
The well-deck floor has been painted in Hammerite, the next job in there is to take the boxes back out and paint the inside. As soon as the front end is finished we’ll start on the roof. We’ve discussed putting a non-slip additive in the paint but decided against it; we don’t tend to walk about on our roof that much and like the easy cleaning. Glare from a gloss roof on a sunny day can be a problem, but once we’ve got the boxes, panels, logs, poles and gangplank up there, as well as our ever increasing collection of flower pots there won’t be much roof left to see.

The Main Event this week is, of course Kim & Luke’s wedding. We’ve locked Legend up for the weekend and taken Poubelle up to the High Peak. On Friday we helped erect a mini marquee outside the pub using breeze-blocks and dead leisure batteries as anchors, then in the afternoon Ann-Marie and the other girls were up to their elbows in flowers on Annie’s carpet; bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids and buttonholes for everyone else.
The Wedding Day was as good as it gets; Kim looked fabulous, there wasn’t a dry eye in the church when Witlz walked her down the aisle and everyone brought fairy cakes. What’s not to like?

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