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Regent's Canal. Hertford Union Canal. Paddington Basin to the River Lee.

On our first day in the basin it rained. If this wasn’t a big enough hint, our diary informed us that it was also National Museum Day. So we spent the day in the Natural History Museum which was just as fascinating as we knew it would be, despite being full of kids whose sole intent seemed to be banging as many buttons as they could find as often and as hard as possible.
It was, in fact, so interesting that we returned the following day to go round the bits we missed. After that we had a short venture into the equally amazing V&A and Science Museums. This is made from hundreds of different materials including metals, ceramics and textiles. Each layer is slightly smaller than the one on top and each has one lobe. It's about 2' deep.   The materials are cataloged on the adjacent wall.
In the morning Anne dropped in to pick up her diary that she’d carelessly abandoned outside Maida Vale station, and a very kind lady had found, and we’d collected. She was on her way across Lo…