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Grand Union Canal. Uxbridge to Paddington.

On the Tuesday in the middle of our stay in Uxbridge we got a job counting train passengers at Finchley Park. As our shift finished at half past one in the morning we were given a hotel room. Not the most luxurious establishment in North London, but it was clean and we got breakfast, and best of all it had a bath! Re-sult! It wasn’t until we got back to said room at half past one that we realised that there was no bath plug.  No doubt removed by the management in an attempt to persuade guests that showering is better for us, for the environment and for their profits. However, we boaters are made of sterner stuff.  The little complementary soap in the bathroom, although completely useless as soap, was the perfect size for ramming in the plughole.
After breakfast we mingled with all the commuters, waving our Oyster cards around like we’ve been doing it for years on our way back to Uxbridge. We untied the boat and set off towards Cowley Junction.
We pulled over for lunch while a patch o…