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River Great Ouse. River Cam. Upware to Ely via Cambridge.

First thing in the morning, outside the Five Miles From Anywhere, we awoke to find we had a visitor. This is a Whooper Swan. They have a reputation for being aggressive, but it really is unjustified.... they’re just bolder and more inquisitive than the more common Mute Swans.
We had a couple of days back at Fidwell Fen and walked out along the droves and riverbanks under the huge fen skies. On one walk we were lucky enough to see a pair of Avocets wheeling around over one of the meres. Very exciting! These are incredibly rare and at one time were officially extinct in Britain.
On our way to our next stop at Bottisham Lock we saw the Avocets again, plus a Heron and a couple of Kingfishers. At the lock we met Joan on Early Byrd... who we’d seen briefly at Wicken Fen. She lives nearby and goes down the Cam and up Wicken Lode every week on her days off.  We stopped on the GOBA moorings just above the lock... they’re a bit of a jungle but very peaceful. 
We were getting ready to go back …

River Great Ouse. River Cam. Cambridgshire Lodes. Ely to Upware

We used two separate moorings in Ely. The first was by the park at Willow Walk, which was nice but there was no phone signal and we got covered in willow leaves. The second one was at the bottom of Jubilee Gardens, right outside the bandstand. There was better signal and on Sunday the Ely Cathedral Brass Band took up position and gave a concert. We sat on the boat roof and had front row seats. Well, alright they were back row seats, but when it started raining we were indoors and drinking tea before anyone else had got their brolly up. The next morning we took the car to Upware - where there was a very convenient EA car park - and cycled back to Ely along National Cycle Route 11. We had a quick Wifi session in the library, picked up some engine oil from Wilkinsons and set off up the Ouse to Pope’s Corner where the Ouse and the Cam meet. We took the left fork onto the Cam then, after a couple of miles, turned left again, went through a rather smelly lock and entered one of the oldest …