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River Nene. Wellingborough to Wansford Station

After the seclusion of the brick wharf at Wellingborough our next stop at Irthlingborough was a bit of a contrast. There is a length of very good visitor moorings just behind what used to be Rushden Diamonds Football Stadium. The stadium is still there, along with all the other deserted buildings, but sadly Rushden Diamonds no longer exist. They were sponsored by Doc Marten’s who moved on, taking their money with them. The demise of the club also brought about the demise of the showers that boaters used to be able to access; on top of that we  found that the pump out and water points were closed due to vandalism. However, Irthlingborough is worth a visit, as is Stanwick Lakes Activity Centre, which made us wish we’d brought some kids along. So it’s a good place to moor, but all the stuff in the Imray Guide isn’t there anymore. After breakfast on Sunday, our second day there, we stepped out of the boat to go for a walk only to discover a gigantic car boot in full swing on the other si…

GU Northampton Arm. River Nene. Gayton to Wellingborough

We really love this river!
Halfway down the Rothersthorpe flight we’d spied a fallen ash tree so, being the water rats that we are, we’d made a little wood pile that we’d planned to collect while the boat was in lock 10 on the way down. We’d just dropped down lock 9 when we noticed a hire boat with a full complement of windlass wielding crew on their way up. They were so excitable we couldn’t really delay their progress and despite Ann-Marie getting very assertive about lock protocol, we were in and out of 10 before you could say Jack Robinson. No matter, lock11 was only a few steps further and our log pile wasn’t that big. Anyway we didn’t want to clutter the roof up too much if we were going to be using the gang-plank and the boat poles regularly. Half way down the flight, the arm goes under the M1, which is fun. At the bottom of the Northampton we had our first glimpse of the River Nene. And went from this. To this. We'll not be back on a canal until we return this way in Autu…